Veterinary Orthopedics

Cummings Veterinary Hospital

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We offer consultation on all orthopedic conditions and recommend treatments, including surgical intervention. If your pet is exhibiting lameness or stiffness, we urge you to contact us today.

We routinely address a wide variety of orthopedic concerns. Sometimes animals are born with a problem, or it can result from the trauma of ligament tears or other injuries. Infections with certain microorganisms can cause joint disease, most notably tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme disease. Some immune disorders, as well as cancer, can also cause orthopedic disease. Occasionally, metabolic disorders can lead to orthopedic problems. And as dogs live longer, arthritis and aging can be the culprit.

Did you know that more than 1 million dogs will have knee surgeries this year? That’s five times more often than in humans.

ACL repair is the most common knee surgery, which is routinely performed here at the hospital. 

Cummings Veterinary Hospital alleviates orthopedic pain. Before surgical intervention, other treatments are available and can provide relief:

  • Nutritional and cartilage-protecting supplements (omega-3 and glucosamine/chondroitin)
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain medications
  • Laser therapy

We are proud to offer our clients the option of laser therapy. A newer, non-invasive, treatment in the field of veterinary medicine, laser therapy reduces swelling, pain, and inflammation. It can promote healing after surgery and helps with the chronic pain of arthritis. Laser therapy has been clinically proven to be an effective pain management method and can even help recover mobility in injured joints and limbs.