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A Lifetime of Healthy Pets

Cats and dogs have different health needs and concerns throughout their lives. Whether your pet is a kitten or puppy, an adult, or a senior, we will guide you on how to safeguard your pet’s health through all the life stages.

  • Puppy and kitten care—Read our recommendations about how to get your young pet on the path to lifelong health and vitality.
  • Senior care—We know you want the best for your old friend. Read how increasing exams to two each year contributes toward a comfortable old age.
  • NutritionWe will advise you on proper nutrition for your pet, including any special veterinary diets.

For those early years, we’ll counsel you on things like vaccinations, behavior, microchipping, spay or neuter surgery, and behavior. We encourage preventive health care, so that any illness is caught early when it is less advanced and more treatable. Regular exercise, good nutrition, and routine wellness visits are important to your pet’s well-being. As your pet ages, we’ll be there helping to keep your pet energetic and free of pain or discomfort. offers charts on the developmental stages of dogs that outline changes in behavior, health, equipment, grooming, and more.

At Cummings Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets as we would our own. It’s important to us that we provide the best possible advice. Our goal is to educate you on preventive health care, so you have the tools to provide the finest care for your cat or dog. We’re sticklers on details and for providing reliable recommendations on how to best protect your pet from discomfort and disease.

Our pets are an important bond in our lives, and we want that friendship to last!