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Support Staff

Our supporting team is comprised of highly skilled technicians, assistants, receptionists, and administrators. We are compassionate, caring individuals committed to the health and service of clients and patients.

Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

Joanne H. -  Technician and Pharmacy Supervisor, Laser Therapy Technician

Joanne has worked in veterinary hospitals or humane societies for 25 years. Joanne earned a bachelor's degree in animal science from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture. She likes the diversity of her job and the chance to help people care for their pets. Joanne's hobbies include training and competing in obedience competitions with her German Shepherd and hiking in Jacobsburg State Park. She has three rescue cats, Oliver, Abby and Peanut and two dogs, Dixie, a German Shepherd mix and Gunner, a purebred German Shepherd.

Charli D. - Technician Assistant and After Hours Support

Charli is new to the Cummings team and we are happy to have her here!


Stacy H. - Technician Assistant, Laser Therapy Technician, Animal Basic Life Support Certified

Stacy has worked in the veterinary business for nine years. She has a great love for animals and science, as well as kayaking, reading, puzzles and gardening. Stacy's pets include Finley, Umbreon, and a 350 gallon freshwater fish tank!

Hope B. - Technician Assistant

Hope is new to the team, and we are happy she is here!

Kirsten B. - Technician Assistant, Animal Basic Life Support Certified

Kirsten has her associates degree in Veterinary Technology, and has been in the field for 12 years. She loves spending time with her husband and son, as well as going to concerts and festivals. Kirsten has a Great Dane, Otto, two cats, Tag and Lacey, and a ferret, Ramsey. 

Tina E. - Technician Assistant

Tina has been in the veterinary field for 12 years, but got her start in the Medical Assistant Program at LCCC.  She has always loved animals, and finds the medical aspects of her job fascinating and fulfilling. Tina volunteers at shelters and fund raises for animals in need. She also enjoys art and swimming. Tina has seven cats: Patches, Lilly, Tough Guy, Binx, Tortie, Lilly and Babies!


Kathy Q. - Lab Supervisor, Certified Veterinary Technician

Kathy is a certified veterinary technician who supervises the CVH laboratory. She states that the laboratory is the kitchen of veterinary medicine! Kathy has worked in the veterinary field since 1977 and with Dr. Cummings since 1990! Graduating summa cum laude from Harcum College with an associate’s degree in veterinary technology, Kathy continued her education, taking classes in medical laboratory technology and nursing. Her interests include cooking and nutrition, fiber arts and environmental preservation. Kathy treats all her patients as if they were hers.

Karen S. - Head Surgical Nurse, Animal Basic Life Support Certified

Karen earned a degree in animal center management from Horcum College and has been working in the veterinary field since 1984. She's always had an interest in animals, and also enjoys hiking, gardening and landscaping. She loves her boxer/beagle mix, Ember. 

Lindsay C. - Technician Assistant

Lindsay is new to the Cummings team and we are happy to have her here!

Kim K. - Certified Veterinary Technician

Kim is a graduate of Penn State University and has worked with Dr. Cummings for over 30 years. Her favorite pastimes are reading, gardening, and spending time with her dog, Gracie, and her cat, Tank.

Alyssa V. - Technician Assistant, Laboratory Technician, Laser Therapy Technician

Alyssa has been working with animals for 18 years. Her goal at Cummings is to help those animals who cannot always help themselves, and to act as extended family for her canine and feline patients. Alyssa enjoys cooking, baking and going on day trips and adventures with her husband and young son. She has a variety of pets herself, to include dog, Noel, cats, Jack, George, Nugget and Alex, a lizard, Mason, guppy, Big Red, and last but not least, a snail named Gary. 

Rachel R. - Technician Assistant, Surgical Nurse, Laser Therapy Technician, Animal Basic Life Support Certified

 Rachel received her associates degree in veterinary technology from the program at NCC and LCCC. She has been in the field for 5 years and finds her job very rewarding. Her interests include working out at the gym, home remodeling, kayaking and 5k obstacle races. Rachel has a dog, Chippie and turtle, Dunkin. Her clowder of cats includes: Starlin, Sunnie, Pip, Squirrel, Jackie, Bane, Dane, Doseph, Gus, Marble, Princey and Dr. Treyarous!

Rachael Z. - Certified Veterinary Technician, Animal Basic Life Support Certified

Rachael loves animals and likes knowing they are happy and healthy. She loves the outdoors, fishing, hiking with her Great Dane/Coon Hound mix dog, Tucker, and and traveling to new places. 

Kelly H. - Technician Assistant

Kelly is a new member of the Cummings team and we are happy to have her here! She received her veterinary technician schooling in New York state, and is working towards her Technician licensing. 

Kassie W. - Technician Assistant, Laser Therapy Technician

Kassie received her veterinary technician's degree from Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh. She has worked in the veterinary field for almost 4 years. She loves the connection between herself and the patients and clients, and finds the job very rewarding. Kassie also enjoys spending time with family, crafts, outdoor activities and playing video games. Kassie's family includes her dog, Bojangles. 


 Shayla R. - Technician Assistant

Shayla has been in the veterinary business for almost two years. She loves animals and ensuring owners know their pets are in good hands. Shayla loves scrapbooking, music and caring for fish. She cares for a calico cat, Juliet, at home.

Front Desk

Denise B. - Receptionist

Denise has had a 28-year career in the veterinary field. She received a veterinary receptionist certificate from Cedar Valley College. A lifelong animal lover, Denise feels strongly about the human—animal bond. Interacting with clients and pets and seeing to their needs is something she thrives on.

When not at work, Denise enjoys time with her family, gardening, and reading. Denise’s pets include two cats, Sally and Draco, two rescue dogs, Ozzy and Delta, and many freshwater fish.

Kathleen H. - Receptionist

Kathleen is a transplant from Southern California, where she lived for 30 years. She considers herself a career student, and continues to learn every day. She loves theater, acting, creative writing and traveling. Her family includes her husband, daughter, three dogs, Griffin, Fawn and Nora, and a cat, Kitty B.

Arlene D. - Receptionist

Arlene has more than 30 years of experience working in different veterinary hospitals in a number of different roles, but since 2004 when Cummings Veterinary Hospital opened, she has been the evening receptionist. Her hobbies include gardening, reading, dirt track racing and her dogs. Arlene loves her two Dobermans, Otis and Holly, Poundcake, the cat, and her various chickens, house finches and fish. 

Dorene G. - Reception Supervisor

Dorene is a veteran in the field with more than 32 years experience. Formally trained in medical administration and massage therapy, Dorene has found her gift in connecting with people and their animals. She first worked for Dr. Cummings at the age of 18, and is here at Cummings now, assisting clients and their pets on a daily basis.  there is no greater feeling of joy and fulfillment than the love we experience with our animals. Dorene truly enjoys the process of helping clients and her work—especially her colleagues and the opportunities she has to learn every day.

Dorene enjoys spending time with her family and friends, including performing in a local band with her husband. Grey and white kitty Gracie rules her home, sleeping and watching the birds from the best view in the house.

Laura M. - Receptionist

Laura is a former Cosmetology School student who has been in customer service for 7 years. She loves the office and organization work that the front desk provides, as well as the opportunity to interact with so many animals. Laura's hobbies are cosmetology, photography and DIY projects. She has a 13 yr old cockapoo names Tasha. 

Barbara M. - Receptionist

Barbara has been in the medical field for 20 plus years. Before entering into veterinary medicine, she specialized in elder care and plastic surgery fields. Once she entered into the veterinary field 6 years ago, she never looked back! Working with clients and their pets is completely rewarding. It's the best of both worlds working at Cummings Veterinary Hospital. 

Brianna H. - Receptionist

Brianna is new to the Cummings team, and we are very happy to have her here!

C.J. N. - Receptionist

C. J. is new to the Cummings team, and we are very happy to have her here!

Carolyn M. - Receptionist

Carolyn has been with the hospital for 3 years, and in the medical profession for 15 years. She appreciates the friendly and compassionate staff at Cummings. Carolyn's interests are spending time with her grandchildren, puzzling, and going to the spa and casino. She has a lovely goldendoodle named Harley. 

After Hours Staff

Cliff S. - After Hours Support

Cliff is new to the Cummings team and we are happy he is here!

Nancy V. - After Hours Support

Nancy is a new member to the Cummings team, and plays a critical role in supporting the hospital and its patients after hours. We are happy she's here!